I cant stand blade and soul anymore

Ok, i cant stand this game anymore.
I was fun of PVP in every mmo game, starting from WOW anding with GW2 but this …. omfg ….

For example on my BM, i can kill any force master with one hand …. and some other classes like BD or KFM i bet can do it vs. me …
How come this game become unbalanced like a *cricket*ing crap? can some one explain this?? How can some classes have their own antyclass which can own them like this?? I never saw this in any damn game ever !!!! I bet most of players quit playing this crap because of it, becouse im
For some nesesery pvp skill’s i need damn skill books which are like 500+ gold on market … or if i want to farm those peaces so i can buy it i need 300 of them, with 3 dailys giving one of it i need like 100 days right?

And whats with KFM bots? Destroyer bots can be beaten with ease in most cases, but KFM bots when i fight with BM im stunned most of time because they have 0.1 sec reaction time, and while i have damn 120 ms lag average with 60/10mb’s connection ? its like servers are in Australia not EU !!!!

Also, when they decided that for smal soulstone pouches which give up to 25 soul stones that we need dragon what ever to buy them?
Becouse i have assassin with 45k+ beans which i cant do shit now … because i started playing with him only pvp from 35 lvl, im not 45 leveled all in arena and now i need to get him to lvl 50 and make gear with 420AP so i can get some of those dragon certificates, why we didnt get any warning for this?
When i started with BM, i learned a loot, and one night last week actualy, i was bored so i wanted to play only arena matches, from 1820 rating and 2:26 at end of night …. my score was … imagine … 49:46 …. and rating went down to silver like 1570 or similer … only becouse all night i was facing KFM’s and bot destroyers shich can chain stun me till death … its like they know in advance what im gonna cast, press, etc. and i know they are bots, becouse then i have counter and they know im gonna use it, every of them repeat same skill combos … and not a single human player would not repeat same mistake so much time ….

Every match vs. KFM for me is like this, and every one of them i faced and lost like im *cricket*iong retard was 45-46lvl …. i know there are pro kfm’s and other players but bellow 1800? its hell for me on BM, becouse as BM i need to have nice understanding of enemy class, and most important i need to have 50< lag, but i think i have like 2-3x more then it should be normal for me to be anything good ....
Why there are tons of lag and zilion of bots in arena? Bots in arena with my FM ware welcome becouse they could not even get close to me, but with BM when im playing vs bots i cant do shit …. becouse i can time skills in 0.1 sec becouse of 100ms + lag

Tag matches are also fun, but today didnt had much time so i tried just to finish 3s qust asp. 12 matches, 11 of them i had 2 AFK’s in my team every time, only few times sum which like stand in place and shot rmb/lmb … and thats it …

Also before some of the trolls come here and tell me to learn to play, to learn my skills what they do, or to learn what class other then me are capable of please dont, i watched most of tuts videos, explanations, vs this and that, every day because there are not good tv shows in turn on twitch and watch some good pvp players and i was pretty pro in most of mmo in pvp vise but in this im not sure that this all about …

Also i dont want to comment on game optimization, 970 nvidia … some time i have like 100+ fps, some time same area, same stuff i have like 30fps ….

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