I actually transferred some blade and soul gold from my main to get the weapon

So I made a Warlock alt a few days ago to get the challenge rewards. I’m currently at level 31 but I stumbled across people that are damn straight jerks just because I’m a warlock. Boohoo, new OP class, we will make your life more difficult. While my main is high level and sustainable in bns gold, I can navigate pretty easy but I am disgusted by some players.

Situation 1:
Blackram Narrows. We all know they are crawling with Warlocks now but that was not my case. I was the only WL in the party and a Blight Razor dropped. Ofcourse, I bid. And then I got outbid by a Force Master just because, I quote “for upgrade ;3”. Even an idiot can understand that it’s just being a jerk. After that, a 45 level player just took everything again. In the end I wasted another hour trying to get a drop with no luck. I asked my friends to help me out so only I would get the loot. But what if the player is legit new and doesn’t have anyone to help him?

Situation 2:
The Darkglimpse. It is a very long and boring dungeon and I swear to god it must be my Nr. 1 in the hate list. The whole point is just to stand and wait for Ne Kuro.
I am never lucky with RNG drops. Made myself run that piece of crap dungeon about 20 times, still no weapon. Why did I run it instead of buying? It’s only a breakthrough… WELL IT COSTS 3 GOLD IN THE MARKET. I mean seriously? A 22 level weapon costing 3 blade and soul gold? That is ridiculous and frustrating. As mad as I was, I actually transferred some blade and soul gold from my main to get the weapon BUT WHAT IF THE PLAYER IS LEGIT NEW? It is more than stupid to expect a new player to grind a low level dungeon for a drop that he can’t even afford.

Situation 3: All around Scorching Sands. I stumbled upon players that would just steal mobs from me and then just stand in place, not killing them and jumping around like retards. Some even said, quote “Warlocks should not be allowed to play”.

So what the hell, people? This is not League of Legends. I am very upset towards a lot of people in a short amount of time.

Spirits Rest. While I had no problems leveling up my main Force Master, it seems that this server really hates Warlocks. At least, in low areas. We appreciate them in higher level dungeons but damn it, I got more than mad after those moments.

Thats what I’m implying. Not everyone is lucky. And it’s stupid to waste hours on a 22 lvl dungeon if you’re willing to do the WL challenge. You can buy the wep for 3g but what new player has that kind of cash?

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