How to set the Blade and soul SLI profiles for the korean version


Let me start this off with I will list methods for specific hardware configs that will improve all around game performance for most people that have poor performance and get people with ok FPS up an additional 20-30%. I will list How to set the Blade and soul SLI profiles for the korean version that gets your SLI working properly.

Adding a section on how do a full removal of display drivers and reinstall for any one that did windows 10 upgrade instead of fresh install of windows 10. and general purpose for when i start sending people to do this step.

This is for mobile Users Use at your own risk i do not know the cooling properties of every laptop there is and how long it is rates to stay at a Higher C state. use this website to see how to change your power options then go into the advanced setting and navigate to what you see in my screen shot and set the minimum processor state between 75% and 100% this will cause the laptop to become warmer you at your own risk. reccomended having a elevated platform for the laptop.

It can also be used for desktop without less of a worry. if at all. This was add since i am finding alot of people have blanced or power saving profiles set that limit the max Power state or let it switch between to many C states.

I am currently in bed but it sounds like you might have a issue with some file permissions there’s a fast and simple way to test and fix this without a full reinstall. You create a new user in Windows followed by making sure client.exe is set to run as admin under properties and compatability. And the steps you saw in my first post very important to not let game guard and the game run on the same core if an instruction or memory call times out game guard will stop the game.

can you tell me what apu you are using and what video card if any you are using as well as the amount of ram and ram speed and your operating system. and the specific problem you are having such as a crash in the middle of a populated fight or freezing or stuttering.

Just to be sure, could this issue have anything to do with disabling metro to have real admin permission? I did that years ago because I couldn’t run certain programs as the admin because “I didn’t have admin permissions.” (Also, I have little idea about computers past googling solutions for bypassing restrictions).

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