how to make good rs gold

wow dude, no one trains prayer by burying bones… not even osrs players go to the OPEN ALTAR world, go into an open altar and use the bones on the altar for 350% more xp( granted the altar guys have both incense burners on all the time)

Oh you’re right. Silly me. Might as well just give hand outs to everybody, that way they never actually learn to do anything themselves to be self sufficient. Gee i’m silly.

Left some of the better ones out of here Im happy ;P Noooonnnnne knowwwss how to make good rs gold and if you do keep your mouth shut. Or itll get shut down by everyone doing it and youll get completely cut out of your profits. So almost everything listed is pretty common knowledge already.

Lol hes showing how “afk” it is, “Yeah I went upstairs to makemyself breakfast, that shows how afk it is!” Lol he didn’t want to meantion “I went upstars in my mommys house from my basement in mommas pad and asked her if breakfast was ready.” Well! don’t fuckin hate on me what other staris is he treading on, I don’t think he owns his own house!

Any chance of an invention guide? Your videos have got me many a 99 efficiently & if it wasn’t for the quest guides I’d still be in the 200qp region as it stands I have 6 left to do 🙂 Looking forward to invention tips.

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