How to beat Junghado????

I’m on flr 7 of Mushins tower.

First off, Junghado is easy. I can always get his hp down at a certain point. But when I get to that point, he goes into this endless invulnerable loop. I should of recorded, I will next time.

Anyway, when he does that charge thing (red hit circle indicator on the ground around him) i SS. He always follows up with his 4 hit rush combo which if you get hit by it, knocks u airborn into his uppercut. Of curse, I block the 4 hit combo and after the last hit, he always resists the next attacks for like a second. Then he follows up into his charge again, 4 hit combo, charge, 4 hit combo, repeat.

I can’t hit him. This loops is dumb. I tried doing different things to end it such as using QE during the 4 hit combo and use increased speed flicker but I can’t hit him before he charges again.

It got to the point where I had to look on youtube to bypass this but something isn’t right.

Take a look at 3:30 on the vid below. Its the charge and 4 hit rush combo. But this BM managed to use shoulder charge. But it doesn’t work for me. It can’t be that there is only a 1 frame opportunity where u can hit him?????? I’ll try again tomorrow but srsly they need to fix this. If I can just stun him after his 4 hit combo, I would do something similar to what this guy did in the video but…… can’t hit em.

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