Here’s a list of things you’ll never see

It has come to my attention that our anti-bot ware Gameguard, hasn’t been doing its intended job, and has caused for many large drops in FPS, stuttering, and has not solved the bot problem as was intended. We would like to take this chance to apologize to the members of the community who have been affected. We, as all human beings, do make mistakes, and I believe a business is no different; Starting 6th of April, Gameguard will be permanently disabled until Team Bloodlust will come up with a better alternative to our former anti-bot ware. While there will be bots and spammers present in the chat, we assure you we will do our best job to terminate those as fast as possible, and make Blade and Soul into the game you all enjoy. No member of NCSOFT will ever ask you to download third party software without your consent, please send us an images if that ever happens, and we will assure you they will be dealt with accordingly.

It has come to our attention that there are numerous destroyer and summoner bots present in the arena for 1 on 1 PvP. It is commonly known those are most present in the bns gold tier (1600-1900), and this has heavily affected those who rely solely on PVP to acquire currency via soulstone pouches. To combat this, we will be observing the same patterns the majority of those bots use, and we will be keeping a closer eye on them to determine whether or not they are truly bots. While granted, the decline in soulstone prices has affected many, soulstones have become relatively easier to acquire with the introduction of the new Silverfrost mountains expansion, and we would appreciate the community’s patience while we tackle the issue.

We realize the Grand Harvest Square, Beastbog, and Soulstone Plains bosses are causing massive declines in FPS and performance issues. While we thought the issues may have been related to one’s computer specs, we realized, upon further investigation, that they were definitely due to our servers and poor optimization. To combat this temporarily, the damage requirement for those bosses’ loot will be reduced while we devote our attention to optimizing our client. Thank you for your suggestions and bringing this issue to us.

It has come to our attention that trekking large distances in dungeons has become increasingly frustrating and time consuming for many players, especially in dungeons such as the Naryu Temple, Bloodshade Harbor, and the Blackram Supply Chain. We understand how frustrating it can be to reach the third level of Naryu Temple, and have someone suddenly disconnect, only to force the new recruit to trek a ridiculous distance just to be unified with their party. To combat this, we will implement a teleportation device that will send a player directly to the current stage the party is currently facing. We believe this should lead to a happier and more efficient cross-server experience, and we look forward to your feedback on such an implementation.

I understand that the game might function well for some people, and that one’s standards for a smooth-running game are different than mine. But some of us aren’t so fortunate- Some of us are college students playing on their laptops with university wifi, some of us have fantastic water-cooled PC and high-tech internet, we’re all different. Though, through the common example of the WWE, when people get the matches and champions that they want, they cheer for them, when an abnoxious *cricket* is put in power, we boo for them- While granted, the WWE and NCSOFT are different, I don’t think it’s a wise decision to continue to ignore your player-base- A game is meant to be played, no?

I really hope some form of developer would respond to this, or at least acknowledge this statement- I don’t get it? Like, NCSOFT, if you want good reviews, better ratings, and in a way erase the insalubrious opinions people have of you, how about try listening to the playerbase that politely and repeatedly ask for things that you hardly ever respond to?

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