Help me to choose a class vol.345909

Ur gonna flame me or banish from this forum or do something bad but before u do it halp meh!

Question is, WL or SF?

Ok it’ll be a weird comparison between these two classes. Im maining sf now but i got tired of its pve because ur main dps skills really sucks. If you go from earth build you’ll only mash lmb,rmb,f buttons with no real damage, if you go from ice build you stack chi faster (even faster with hm skill which i’ll have) but with veeeery *cricket* annoying focus problem. SSP is another problem with this class… Even parties dont search for sf because of not having any real buffs. The only thing that kept me going with this class was the effort i put into it.

Played WL back in the time too, that class is so flashy and amazing, the only caster in the game and can be OP if you get hm skills, gonna get buffed up as most expect it
but i play pvp too and some say its pvp suck unlike sf. I enjoy pvp but i suck at it, could be able to climb to gold with sf but that was hard for me. I know this class is 2nd best in ssp and pve so its another plus.

mmmmm i can tell, You have a really biased view on WL and for that reason you should try it and see if you decide to main it. I have a SF and a WL. I do like SF because of skill animations and since its an Alt for me i do a lot of pugs and that revive thing is really helpful. I don’t do ssp so i cant say anything about it and I don’t know any classes other than WL that don’t have focus problems. Now with WL, well is not my thing. I don’t like their dps damage “if that can be called dps”. Maybe because I’m not willing to master the class but that skill cancellation is really annoying! mobs reset way to often for me, and i hate it when my skill cast in a mob in that split second and he dies and my whole rotation is f****up! I really like dragon call but in reality dragon hellix gives a most constant dps. I dont have HM skills bit then again. WL is not for me.

When it comes to PVP SF is the best one out of the 2. I have never lost a match against Warlocks with my main FM. That doesn’t make them bad but they are not the best for pvp in my opinion.

To summarize i know SF lacks but because i love their skill animations, i like the extra iframes, I main a FM and i like KFM i can have a little bit of each one. WL its a Misty woods alt for me.

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