[Guide] New Event Spring Treasure Trove

Exemple: Player in version Kr bladesoul show you need 160g all unlock all slots in troove event.

Each roll you pay 2g and receive many itens has low price.

Here all need pay unlock all slots after buy key unlock chest.
Problem this price now to Hongmoon coins is low (1g-45Hongmooncoins)

All player change and fix your price to tomorow event (1g-75Hongmooncoins)
You receive only 70hongmoon coins.

Exemple: Each expansion scrooll 199HG , 199 multiple per 10 = 2,000Hongmoon Coins all unlock all slots.
Has new price 1g-75Hongmoon Coins, you need sell 30g to get all 2,000 Hongmoon Coins to unlock all slots or buy NCcoins in shop ncsoft.

All you need sell 30g in Market, after sell more 10g to buy all Keys, have limited 10 per day.
When you unlock all slots, each roll you pay 2g and spend many gold to system to get item good. This event need many gold or you maney to cash.

All need agree fix this new price 1g= 75Hongmoon Coins Market today, why price this very low to this event tomorow.
All players no agree you pay many in real maney to get item good has this new event p2w.

Your understand now, need change you prices today to tomorow.

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