GGG Really need to Add A Chat Box To Path Of Exile On Xbox One

Look it might appear like we are down on Path Of Exile on Xbox 1, but it is really the exact opposite. We feel that Grinding Gear Games have performed an incredible job bringing the game to console and we’ve to remember that it is actually nevertheless in its early days numerous from the concerns men and women have had may very well be fixed inside the coming months. A single thing although which is very surprising is that there is certainly no chat box in Path Of Exile on Xbox A single.

Some individuals who prefer to just play on their very own won’t care, but as one user around the Path Of Exile forums mentioned, for any MMORPG it feels incredibly lonely. You may argue that as this is Xbox One, Grinding Gear Games felt it was not necessary. However the Xbox A single is really compatible using a USB keyboard. As a matter of fact, two on the most significant on the net games which might be on Xbox A single, Gears Of War 4 and Rocket League, both let players use a USB keyboard to chat to other players.

From creating a trade (that is a challenge in its self) to just communicating with other players. We really feel that obtaining a chat box would make points a lot easier. It is actually a function that we’re confident must be on the list of things to add within the coming months.

Do you feel that not possessing a chat box in Path Of Exile on Xbox A single is a massive oversight? Let us know in the comments below and ensure you check out our POE Currency Hot Sale!

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