Forced to EXIT combat midfight

Hey guys,

I am level 50 HM5 lBM and i would like to think i have encountered a bug of some sort or maybe i am doing something wrong (which i doubt) as i can do most things any other LBM can such as the usual solos, hold aggro off equally geared FMs and such with properly maintained ani-cancel and (with luck strong crits) good chi management etc. Anyway my issue is as stated in the title, the issue is that even when i have full chi, using only lmb/f/2/z i randomly leave draw stance and this wasnt an issue before. its not like a hit a skill that removes draw stance or anything its more like while using my skills (and i noticed it everytime) in the middle of combat my energy bar for sprint becomes green and i exit draw stance. So basically i am leaving combat while fighting a boss? and inbetween lmb/f spams i am leaving combat? i think this started to happen sometime before the last major update, however at the time i thought i was doing something wrong, and searches returned nothing so i left it in the back of my mind. But now its happening far too frequent like maybe once or twice a day (which may not seem like much) but an anomaly is an anomaly and must be addressed so i would like to know if anyone else is experiencing this or something of the sort.

So basically its not entirely about leaving Draw Stance i would think, but more like leaving combat or being forced out of combat randomly inbetween atks with like say a 0.1-0.3 second interval which shouldnt be the case, and as said earlier this can be confirmed with the hilighting of the stamina bar becoming green from a greyed out state.
if necessary i can try to get video proof of this happening, however as i said its not that frequent so it might be a while before i actually catch it happening and catch the stamina bar lighting up.

Found video proof sooner than i thought

Anyway, this is true and since doing this video and whatnot its happened another 6 times during that damn Mushin tower run so i am led to believe its more than twice per day (obviously) but yeah its definitly happening more times than i had given credit for… and they really need pay attention to this as its a pressing issue cuz draw stance is like 80% of our competent dmg, wind sunder is good and all but it just doesnt compare to draw stance. I am not too familiar with BM class as i am not interested in it but ik its similar to lbm however how similar am not too sure but if u only have 1 way of getting into draw stance then i am sorry for u (we have 2 ways so its not that bad, but losing all those electric focus hurts… alot)

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