Few Blade And Soul bugs found

I’m not really sure if I’m going to waste my time writing here in the forum for some “minor” bugs because the game its already been out there for 3-4 years in other regions so basically if NCSoft development team hasn’t take the time to fix this its because is probably already known issue and they don’t really prioritize it but well I’ll say my thing anyway :

Hall Of Ogong, was soloing Ogong for the “man vs wild” achievement and I found 3 bugs

1- If you stay at the watter on any of the room corners while fighting the “mini-ogong” the boss sometimes doesn’t notice you and doesn’t throw the lightning from the air. 1st Lightning is yes or yes, more than that sometimes bugs out and you don’t get any lightnings. Its not something I’m not sure or I didn’t see or something. I’m 1000% sure because I’m keeping the boss in 1 corner of the room and fighting the mini-boss on the opposite diagonal of this corner so I have all time Ogong in my sight of view.

2- Same thing explained at 1st but eventually you loose aggro from either mini-boss or Ogong (not sure, can’t say really, only devs probably know this) and boss gets reseted. Yes I was like 50% boss hp left killing the 2nd mini-ogong and suddenly I had to start from scratch when I didn’t die or something it just reseted, my guess is it has to do something with first bug mentioned since ogong can’t target you for whatever reason, after sometime it just reset.

3- When I took the loot I did an screenshot then I alt+tabbed to go show some friends, this took me a couple minutes or so. After coming back I pressed a button (wasd) and the box disappeared that very moment resulting into my char not being able to move. So b asically if you pick a box with your “F” key and just stay on the item list for a certain time, then leaving the box without picking makes your character totally useless. I triple checked if it was anything else interfering with the game, it wasn’t. The very moment I used the “scape” function I then recovered my mobility.

And thats it.

The box thing also happens sometimes at faction and its even worse because if you are farming insignias sometimes your char will be able to move but can’t turn around neither speak with npcs etc so ….. you loose your prestige points because the only way to get away from the bug is using scape function and that wipes all your prestige points.

Thanks for your time to read.

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