Feedback of Blade and Soul closed beta experience

First off, we do need some.kind of basic Dodge mechanic. Dodging 8 meters isnt a basic Dodge, and is only good for an escape or advanced Dodge. Not at all good for evading a sword attack and hitting them back. It is very important if blade and soul is to hit, and I do not at all like running to the side as dodging. Next up, low end pc mode, for those who have low end PC’s, don’t force them tl deal with 800 by 600 Res and windowed, that lower graphics engine should be available in all resolutions. My lower end pc, not my beast, was at 25 avg framed on lowest settings, but for a low end engine, it was around 50, but I couldn’t change the Res or make it full screen, so it wasn’t worth it.very importantly.. day/night cycle, you must have this. I left a game years back for aion, a lot just because of the reality of whether and time! And lastly, force master isn’t my class, but no it’s a great one, and Jin needs to have it. A lot of people won’t want to have to be either a tiny rabbit looking Lynn, or a Hulk looking Con, when they’re looking for magic. Yun does not count, as that is female only and not various enough. Jin needs force master or my friend will not be as interested, which will turn out to be many people. These 3 are the biggest ones, great job with the story though! Amazing, did a great job just like in Aion, than the combat, it’s great, but without Dodge, not a true hack and slash. Needs that, don’t make it a stand and hit game. And the sprint! Awesome feature, quick get around! Nice classes, hope to see more later down the road. Love seeing all the voice acting and I encourage that. This has real potential, consider these 4 issues into a fix and I’ve got nothing but good to say with Blade and Soul!

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