Fail Whirlwind Valley

I really think that they could do a lot of things to make it a LOT better, some examples: (sorry my english =P)

1- If u are playing with a pre formed team then u will fight only pre formed team… but if u just press to get a random team for yourselft u will fight another random team, and not a pre formed full summoners 600 ap or something like that. So if u want to make a good team, u will fight against another good team and if u just want to do your quest with a random team u will fight only against another random team.( You will get sh.t teams sometimes, but u are at a 50/50 rate, so i think that would be a lot better than what u get today )

2-Making somekind of stats range for the entire team. lets say something like team with less than 1500AP—- teams between 1500 and 2500 —– teams with more than 2500AP

3-Allow only 1 class type for each team. If u have a FM in your team u can’t have another one and so on.

4-Creating a ranking system like we already have in pvp. If your team is all silver medal u will fight only teams with silver medals. I f u play unranked u will fight only unranked teams… if u have more than 2 blade and soul gold medals in your team so u will fight gold medals teams, even if they have all bns gold medals.

There are just some ideas, but there is a lot of things that they could implement to make it really good without making it 100% stats balanced like pvp, just making it fair enough.

(edit: “without making it100% STAT balanced like pvp” )

Now choices are always better to have,some pvp its equilised,some isnt,thats fine.
I am doing the dailies so far,becouse its kind of new content now.Most games i had,were ok,only a couple i lost with huge difference.

Tho i am in the range of 500+ atm,i only got into enemies with rly high ap close to or above 600 few times only,which ofc lost easy,but overall its fun.

You dont have to have 600 ap to win,teamwork also matters a lot,which makes it rly interesting for a change and even when i lose,i am trying to enjoy the games.

@Phangtom i just read your post and i allready typed mine,so i just say it here.Like i said having more choices is nice,but if there was an equilised version noone would do the non equilised one,this is my feeling.I dont think we have so many players that have 600+ ap to get into games that fast and they’d also had to do the equilised also.

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