Dragon Certificates a suggestion

NCWest has changed certain things for the PvP community to keep them happy so now I think it’s time that the PvE community has their turn. And before you tell me faction dailies is practically PvE or that gettin zen beans isn’t that hard acknowledge these things:

1. Faction unbalance makes it hard for certain factions to obtain soulstones via dailies and with the lag of ssp event the dominate faction members suffer.
2. With the shit ping and skill delay of a lot of the player base getting 5000 zen beans from death before load or stun locked to death takes a hell of a long time with the amount of zen beans you get for being a laggy scrub.

So here’s my suggestions:
1. Old in game currency no longer needed + small dragon certificates = soulstones pouches.
In game currency examples: siren scrolls, pirate emblems, warrior tokens etc.

This will benefit also players who are new and those levelling an alt and keep below silverfrost alive. It doesn’t seem that NCWest really cares that below silverfrost is dead besides a token daily here and there but they should start to care before people are put off by bothering to try this game who aren’t already.

2. HM pellets are obviously not clan exclusive anymore so I’d like to see them obtained in a similar way.

Im tired so I may have worded some things not great but I was looking in my bank at my 100+ certificates thinking ‘what a waste’.

and please don’t turn this into a debate about who has it better in this game ‘pvers or pvpers’ because pvpers I think it’s rap you even need to farm PvE things to play the game mode you want too.

I’d like to see people getting back into E Fleet and NSH again with a reason and to keep it populated. It will also stop mad inflation of materials on the marketplace for people with alts and new players due to the areas being dead.

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