Core feature skills where’s the difference to weapons

First of all that is pay2advance not pay2win. Second, again it is the players that make the prices not the Devs, so just because it costs 400g now and you cannot afford it doesn’t mean it is pay2win. Before Warlock announcement the his book was ~30g on EU which you can farm in 1 week with super casual play (30-60mins per day).

Pay to win means, for $$$ you can by power ups which are not available in game any other way. If these books can be obtained in anyway that does not involve money, but requires you to play the game, it is not P2W, it is however Pay for Lazy, or Pay for (I work for a living and have no time to grind) Convenience.

This game still beats, Pay to play, you can pay nothing for this game and have access to all the gameplay, although not all of the Convenience features. If there is a legit complaint about B&S it’s the Gold Seller Spam.

You CAN grind out dailies, and farm for gold, thus making currency in game to outbid the others on your team. (Not to mention the net currency gain when the item does drop in the instance.) However it will, and does take much more time invested in the game, as you are not paying real life money to invest less time in the game.

Now you can Also sell poharan perfumes, the purple ones from BSH, and gain more gold on top of the listed amount. (Though those prices are normally 30s/each.) Not sure how many you gain a day to add into the mix or not so I will leave those out. (Other various items sell for decent amounts of money which you get normally from the daily dungeons as well, and you can sell.)

You are quoting something that you can edit on at the time you quote it. It is also not a set in stone definition. But I can point out that if we hold to your definition, then Every game since 2010 is Pay to Win. Because every game has included micro transactions now that allow people to gain things at faster rates, even WOW.

Every character needs that book only once though, right? So if 4 people need maybe 10 hours for a book to drop that means after 40 hours we already have as many books as there are players. Even if the wrong book drops, it can be sold and the right book bought for it. Availability seems fine then, imo. Given time, everyone will get their book.

“Core feature skills” where’s the difference to weapons? for example? Both are things to progress your character, to make them stronger. You won’t get the best or very good weapons just for nothing. So why skills? I know other games give you all skills out of the box (just by reaching the right level), but that doesn’t mean it has to be so.

The point is, if you don’t pay with money, you have to earn it in game the legit way. Other people can simply pay their way through it instantly. No time investment, nothing, creditcard and they are good to go. It’s not that hard.

You are buying power other players have to farm for and thus, earn it INGAME. As a player who pays for the item, you are cheating the fking game and are better than the ones who didn’t earn it ingame.

Ughh what? Urbandictionary….? Anyone with a common sense or at least half a brain can interpret the 3 words Pay to Win. I can save you the hassle and repeat again that Pay To Win is an element that is introduced to the game that help players to gain tremendously amount of advantage over other players like attack power/defense/evasion/etc…. And that so called Pay To Win element can “only” and “only” be obtained in one single way which is via Real Money like Cash shop items/currencies. So how does skill book is a pay to win to you?

And now don’t cry why the books are overpriced. If you don’t know much about Supply and Demand, please search that up. Those book prices are controlled by players, not by NCSoft. Book drop rate are low, hence why the price are over priced. Plus, 4 man BSH are hard to many people, resulting in fewer people running a 4 man and the consequence is fewer supply of books.

You kept saying people can wave their credit cards and using real money to buy in game gold to buy the books, and that’s what make it P2W. P2W is only a valid argument if and only if a free-to-play players can’t obtain something in game if they don’t pay real money for it. Your argument is more valid if you meant Pay to progress faster.

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