Character Race

Hi Fellow Gamers!
I am pretty new in the game (well, I can’t decide what race to choose so I don’t have a character yet).

1.) I am planning to make a ForceMaster Character (my friend told me that it is a good class and needed in party, is it true?).
2.) I would like to know the differences between each Race. I tried searching a bit about these races and I’m not sure if what I’ve searched was accurate enough. They said that the race doesn’t have any effect on your class but the appearance. Is this true?
3.) Could someone tell me if there are a lot of female characters (just the characters, not the player) in the game than male? I would like to make a male character but when I see the female characters in the create a character page, I couldn’t help myself but choose a sexy character :D.

Please give me suggestions. Thank you guys.

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