Bots, hacks and people leaving? NCSoft are you paying attention?

I’ve been trying really hard, and I mean really really hard to stay happy about Blade and Soul. I’ve waited for this for a long time and I am sad to see such a good game being destroyed.

We have had bots since the start, 4 months in and they are still here, ruining the economy, ruining the arena and ruining the immersion by running in groups around the maps.
I’ve noticed the decrease in population in the server I’ve played in. Players are unhappy. There is no way the game is going to survive with problems like these.
Yet no real solution seems to come from NCSoft.
What is the situation? Is anything really being done? I’m tired of reading messages saying to report the bots, that the issue is being fixed. It hasn’t been fixed for months.
Last few days the arena is ridden with hackers, not just bots, that were somewhat tolerable, but hackers with infinite resists and spamming the same ability over and over.
Can someone from NCSoft shed some light on whats going on behind the curtain?
All this is really making me more enclined to try out “a darker desert” instead of hanging around our beautiful cinderlands…

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