BnS – What is and what is not ?

I can see many different topics in forums, with different ideas for game development. Many people are also really confused what to expect due lack of information or did not make any research at all.

First of all BnS is one of older MMO’s with different limitations such as DX9 , Unreal 3 graphical engine. It is also so called “theme park mmo” not sandbox. It is also Free to play MMO with ambition not to be Pay to Win. If you do not understand some of terms mentioned so far please at least google them as many people misinterpret them.

I am pretty sure there are more of such limitations, but only those alone mean that there is no way this MMO can compete with most played modern MMO’s in all areas. I would even say that nowdays none of mmo can do that and have to choose and focus on what they do best, because there is lot more competition than few years ago.

So what it is why people asked for many years to bring this MMO to NA/EU even it is clearly old. For me it looks like engaging action combat focused on 1v1 balance and no P2W aspects. I am not seasoned player and maybe i missed some outstanding points, but that’s not my point. It is question: Is it enough or should we ask for more ? Do we want game to be best in what it is strong already or we want more. For me answer no, be best in what you are!

You, which you ask another features should know that what u get always comes with price. There is no way any company will make new department for new game feature u want, they will just reassign people. That how it works . So if you ask for whatever features, u should also think what improvement you could get for current content.

Few major game design features which people ask frequently:

My famous is World PvP. Ask yourself which game have done it so far, which game made world PvP really fun for you for extended period. For me even best/richest companies failed and kinda gave up this idea and went to instanced battle-grounds/arena models.
– Reason for that is that such battles turn into zerg. There are no mechanics to turn battle if one side is outnumbered, or if there are such it is too difficult to implement due to negative impact on 1v1 balance.
This is even more critical with counter based combat.
– technical limitations. Even with best rigs there is huge performance impact, battles are CPU heavy (also on server side)
We will have to wait few more years for good experience in such battles (dx12, mantle…maybe even more..)
This is even more critical with dx9, U3 …
So we have kind of world pvp between faction camps , some random PvP with faction costume on. Can we realistically get more ? Is it worth?
general more content, “have what to do”, reputations, general farming, housing…

There are much better MMO’s which “keep you busy”. Again, should BnS try to compete with them to be mediocre or be best what it does?
For me personally there is endless personal combat skill development. Far from any classic defensive/offensive CD based MMO combat Mastering alone takes a lot of time and you really need to know other classes. For Pve I see uniqueness in no healing class, solo gameplay , which makes even basic PvE skill based.

For me BnS developers should try to be best in what it already is. They should focus on actual gameplay experience improvements. They are already quite behind in some areas and will have hard time to survive with focusing on useless stuff. Especially with new Asian titles coming.

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