BNS Mushin vs Master Hong

From what I can see, there are a lot of disadvantages to joining Mushin, if most of the beta players are planning on joining it.
-increased competition in well known “leveling” spots
-increased competition in killing quest NPCs and delays in getting to any interactables
-increased competition for world PvP
-increased competition for mining world ore/water locations
-less likely to find parties for non-competitive dungeons

In comparison, by joining Master Hong, under the expectation that there will be more new players, there would be a lot more advantages:

-more new players, more distributed across the field
-better able to find parties for even minor dungeons
-less competition for quest NPCs and interactables
-less competition for mining/gathering water
-server more likely to stay active through the years, more able to clear field bosses
-world PvP less competitive

I’m guessing the only advantage joining Mushin would be that there will be more players that know how to clear some of the 45 blue and purple dungeons early on in the game, but this will be quickly caught up by the rest in Master Hong.

Ultimately, given the current trend, I think for beta players who are not planning on joining a guild, joining Master Hong and the Huntian guild sounds like a better plan than all rushing to Mushin.

Huntian guild is suggested as it appears most new players and even most beta players who are not otherwise inclined will be more drawn towards their philosophy and dobok looks, meaning that most of the time, red will outpopulate blue.

Although I think CO’s recruiter’s voice was very cool during the beta.

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