BnS is great

I suport the “BnS is dying part. The game was quite good when it came out and still is however there are a number of factors that make it be a lot less popular over such a short amount of time since release in NA/EU. Before we get into that I have to say the PvP realy feels good but also repetitive. Just like the PvP the PvE is the same, everyday the same daily quest, same mobs, same buttons. I am not trying to imply that the game is bad just that it lacks any kind of reward after all the content grind. Each class pretty much has a few button spam way and that’s all there is to it. These are problems related to each individual player so it doesn’t realy matter here. The main reason is the development, buggy, laggy and a lot of other issues. I never had any issues with the maintanance (EU player) although it was taking the whole day long and never came to complain about losing 1 day of premium like others did but the EU server realy are a joke. I’m unsure how it works in NA and I hope it runs top noch as that would probaly be the last thread standing for BnS in my view. I’ve been a fan for a long, played a bit on other servers before release and I still think it’s not a bad game but for me to play on EU is rather impossible. Other facts are the new upcomming MMO’s, Black Desert is a good example actualy (Why? etter graphics and a crapton of small details and features to get you away from the grinds, and the combat is rather good, I can’t compare them however, BnS and BDO both have a dynamic combat but they are diffrent so there shouldn’t be any debating over it, it’s all up to personal taste) and besides this one there are many more games comming out, the gaming industry is made to pump out games after all.

Short story, BnS is great but I don’t think it has what it takes to keep in shape with new competition. If you haven’t played it I’d say go do it because me and my group had quite a share of fun in the game.

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