Blade & Soul: Warlock Overview

As many of you must have read the article about the Unchained update coming to Blade & Soul, it seems like a good time to discuss the class that is about to be added to the western version of the game, the Warlock.

Blade & Soul

The Warlock will be the eighth class in Blade & Soul and it is quite different from what we’ve seen so far. The class is set to arrive with the Unchained update on March 2, and it is quite pleasing that NCSoft is bringing such a major update in just over a month after the official release.

The Warlock is a dagger-wielding class similarly to the Assassin, although there will now be two types of daggers and not a mutual one for the two. The class is all about immobilizing and summoning apparitions that are responsible for a good deal of the Warlock’s damage output. Although the main weapon is the dagger, you will mostly recognize the class by the floating spell tags and the demonic summons.

Blade & Soul

Despite having a number of great skills and overpowered summoned creatures, the Warlock is not considered to be one of the best PvP classes in the eastern regions but this might end up to be different for us. Like the Summoner, the Warlock is similarly easy to level due to the summoned apparitions.

The Warlock will be race-locked to the Lyn and Jin and will revolve around marking foes with brands. These brands enable other skills to cause damage to our target. Unlike the Assassin, the Warlock has the dagger sheathed on the left arm and not on the back.

Blade & Soul

Personally, I tend to like Warlock classes in most MMORPGs, especially in Rift, and regardless of the rumors that the class might be weaker in PvP, I will surely level one upon release. The skill animations and visuals look really awesome and so do the summoned creatures.
We will bring you more details about the Warlock after the official release on March 2 and will also attempt to provide a weaving guide for the class. Till then, here is a video from popular streamer Jaesung, who presents PvP strategies with the Warlock class.

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