Blade & Soul – Midnight Skypetal Plains Is the First 24-Man Raid

Blade & Soul has no shortage of big updates. While the last one, Beluga Lagoon, is still warm on the Western servers, NCsoft introduces the next one. The Midnight Skypetal Plains will be the first Blade & Soul 24-member raid, in other words a big update for big groups. This forthcoming update allows a large group to gather together and fight against “otherworldly creatures” who invaded the bridge between the Earthen Realm and the Spirit realm. You will notice among these creatures a giant dragon turtle called Sacred Longgui, who has been considered extinct.

Additionally, players can unlock new Legendary Soul Shields and earn new costumes by handling (in a deadly way) with the region’s bosses. Midnight Skypetal Plains will reach the Blade & Soul servers on November 16th. This is your chance to act big.


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