Blade & Soul Currency Guide

With the release of Blade & Soul being only a couple of days away, most of you will want to get more familiar with the different aspects of the game. This post will this introduce you to the different currencies present in the game, as well as their uses.


Basic MMO currency, Gold is earned through your different activities in the game, including daily quests rewards, monster loot and selling items to vendors or to players through the auction house. Gold earned is in turn used to repair equipment, craft items, and purchase items from vendors other players, most commonly through the auction house.


NCoins, on the other hand, are part of Blade & Soul’s monetization scheme. Purchased from NCSoft, NCoins allow players to obtain items from the cash shop.

Hongmoon Coins

Want to have access to the cash shop items without investing any money in the game? Hongmoon Coins are NCSoft’s way to offer players a compromise. Obtained through daily quests and dungeons, Hongmoon Coins allow players to purchase items from the cash shop.

The following video by YouTube user ZiggyD Gaming offers a more detailed look at the different currencies of the game.

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