Blade & Soul: Beluga Lagoon Expansion Introduces in 6v6 Battleground

While the last update of Blade & Soul was about PvE, the next one is about PvP. NCsoft is preparing for a new 6v6 Battleground called Beluga Lagoon for the next expansion — Beluga Lagoon is exactly the name for the expansion. In addition to the new 6v6 battleground, there will be new Legendary Soul Shield Weapons, along with the ability to preview your weapon and accessory upgrade path.

Beluga Lagoon serves as a staging ground for the annual White Whale Festival, organized by the Fish Network Guild. The festival honors the legendary flying White Whale, a bringer of luck and fortune. Twelve warriors pick sides and do 6v6 battle for the chance to win the White Whale’s favor.

Beluga Lagoon will be released in Blade & Soul on October 28th. You can learn more about the expansion at the official site.

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