Blade & Soul – 10 tips for new players

I would like to see more tutorials, like more tips, best places to farm, how to get all the outfits, compare a f2p account with a premium account, analysis of all the classes, cool hidden things.

does anyone know how to send items between the characters on my own account? i cant seem to do it via mail as it doesnt give me the name of my own char when i try it.

Just started downloading this game after playing wow for years and ffxiv for about 1 year. Looks interesting I’m just nervous about the premium membership thing, as I’ve seen few games do it correctly.

In the wheel of fate in Foshi Pyres you need stalker jiangshi essence which can be obtained by defeating the field boss. Usually a lot of players are there so keep farming up your essence spin the wheel several times til you get like 5 or 6 chests, open the chests and hope to get your wep pretty much. might take some time doing it. or you can just skip it and level up all the way to 16 and buy it from the market place which costs like 50 copper. but that’s if you quit and you are spending wayy to much time in foshi pyres.

I would like to see indepth tutorials on how to pvp as each class. The pros/cons to them. I’ve been playing the summoner class and I really enjoy it. But I have some concerns with it’s ability to pvp endgame.

I have an unusual question. To breakthrough Hongmoon weapon for the first time, you need a jianshi weapon of your specific class. You have to open chests you get from spinning at foshi pyres. The thing is, my friend used all of his keys and he didn’t the specific one for his class! 15 keys gone! My question is, how do we get more keys so we can hopefully get the correct weapon?

However you mention ping when referring to the cloths. This has pretty much nothing to do with your ping. Your ping is based on the distance you have between the server and your connection and your connection in general.

Blade master require more skill and Blade danser is in my opinion easier to play, but in PvP they’re very similar. Blade Master has more cc and Blade danser has more cc resist.

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