Blade & Soul’ Beluga Lagoon Update Launches Today; Here’s What To Expect

“Beluga Lagoon,” the newest update for massively multiplayer online role-playing game “Blade & Soul,” is available today. Here’s what to expect from the game’s new patch.

Welcome To Beluga Lagoon

“Blade & Soul”‘s latest update includes tons of new changes, including a new 6v6 battleground,

Legendary weapons and Soul Shields. There were also changes made to the pet hunger system, among other things.

Beluga Lagoon Battleground

In the all-new Beluga Lagoon battleground, players will pay their respects to the legendary horned White Whale. In order to win this battleground, the team must place three Whale Horns on their respective Whale Statues, while trying to stop the opposing team from doing the same.

The new battleground offers various rewards and Legendary loot such as the Hell Soul Shield, Legendary Elder Soul Shield, Legendary Galaxy weapons and more. Battle Points will also be awarded.

The new battleground is also the best place to grind for Moonstones.
Galaxy Weapons

New Galaxy weapons will be added to the game. Unrefined Galaxy Weapon Chests can be purchased from the Battleground Merchant for 40 Galaxy Fragments, 50 Honorary Ornaments, and 100 Frozen Stingers.

Galaxy Weapons are upgradeable until Stage three at the moment, and further stages will be added in future updates.

Legendary Soul Shields

Legendary Soul Shields can also be purchased from the Battleground Merchant using Galaxy Fragments, but players would have to unlock specific achievements before they are made available.

Pieces 4 and 5 require the 10 Win achievement for Whirlwind Valley while pieces 6, 7, and 8 require the 100 Win achievement.

Pet Changes

The pet hunger system is removed with the latest update, which means pets no longer require Petnip to remain active. Unused Petnips can be exchanged for 2 Soulstones and 1 Frozen Stinger via the Manage Antique window.

The rest of the details, including character balance changes, can be found on the official patch notes.

In the video below, Community Manager Bethany Stout and Associate Producer Jonathan Lien shows off “Beluga Lagoon” in action.

“Blade & Soul” is a fantasy martial-arts themed massively multiplayer online role playing game developed by NCSOFT. Check out the game on “Blade & Soul” official website.

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