Be aware that the game has long queues if you’re free to play right now because it just got released. Even WoW suffers the same when they release new expansions. Also sorry about low frame rate in some areas on the video – my recording software struggled to keep up.

So I played it because I’ve always wanted a 3rd person PvP competitive game but after getting ingame and seeing a bunny waifu call me a cricket I was like “I’m done with this shit.”

Oh then we’re on the same page. Your english makes it very confusing. I thought by you saying “this also” is referring to Tera. I like BnS and I’m still playing it. Anywho characters in BnS still have skillcaps. Have you tried playing something like a blade master vs a summoner. Yes it’s possible to beat summoners but assuming you and the summoner are equally skilled the summoner is more likely to win.

If you play on the most populated servers, yes. They just released new servers and practically everything you could ever want to do is available cross server, pick one of the recommended servers and you’ll likely only have a 10 minute wait even at peak hours. Also, all of the servers are based around the same data center so picking a server for ping isn’t a thing.

unequiping faction outfit takes 5 seconds, and you need to be out of combat before you can even do that which takes another 8 seconds. so there’s 0 chance of unequiping or running aways while fighting.

I went with Lyn because Bladedancer seemed like a fun class to play… well mine looks like a little girl from hell always smiling “innocently” but when you turn around you have a knife in your back. Also black eyeballs and shining blue pupils (I dont like red also it would be to obvius for mylittle hellspawn XD).

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