Blade and Soul – When you fight an assassin…

Well i do alot of arena pvp (as KFM, Assassin and FM) and i have little problems with fighting a summoner. At first it was incredible hard to fight them till i tried one myself and found out which skills, what cooldowns, what escapes they have and how to counter them. They are very easy to use i give you that and you need only half the skill like other classes, but i dont think they are op.

So pleople are basicly short calling assassins “sins”. This is so fucking cringy, idk. Also I’d bet that the guys who disliked the video are “Sins” player who don’t recognize their class being a little bit brocken atm. Anyways I won’t play this game as there are no oceanic server so I can back the fuck up to the beach.

Lmao very nice video bro. I loved all the memes you used in it, especially the key smashing his keys. I’m playing Master, A kid was complaining in chat yesterday that Master was no good in PvP.. Wish I could just link them your video x3.

Great video and I’m glad that you gave credit to gw2 smash. I watched the video first, before I read the description; so I was like”…wait a minute, someone already did this!” looks at decriptions “…carry on”.

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