Blade and Soul Venting

Holy damn, I have to vent again. You know what. Screw the story. I can’t believe someone was so condescending to me as to tell me to completely remove frost sheath from my skill set. Then screwed it all up. You know like, on my sum, when there’s multiple fms one of them usually just goes “oh, I’ll do the sheathing” not “every FM remove frost sheath. I’ll do the sheathing”.

So. I’m a filthy casual. I rolled an alt fm and assassin. Chose the fm cause I like to be a busy body (for my party).
Got it to 50 hm 1 today! Decided to do some yeti for them ss cause my crit rate sucks.

Anyhoos. As like most people being lvl 50 hm 1 makes me appear like a dumb noob.

So today. I had the pleasure of being in an fm-full party (3 fms total) at the yeti (6man, of course cause I’m not THAT crazy). And the fm (640AP <-- which doesn't feel that pay2win for me) tells me that he'll do the sheathing. which made me kind of pissed off cause there was another high hm lvl fm in the party that he didn't tell to "remove sheath from your skill set completely" (i'm paraphrasing, but this is basically what he told me). He later told me it was his friend fm so the friend fm already knows... so I was like whatever (didn't remove sheath, but I decided to let him sheath whenever he wanted to). I mean, unfortunately he was the tank (at 640AP fm, of course he was). A couple times he let himself get grabbed. and frost sheathed everyone later at the big slam... frost sheath doesn't save anyone who didn't get heat. I ended up assuming he probably just frost sheathed himself from the big slam damage. Later on the summoner wouldn't let him get grabbed because cat action! go summoner! (and this fm had the audacity to tell the summoner not to root) Edit: oh, skip to ice phase because heat phase went fine after summoner dropped cat. We all know where this story goes. He didn't do the X-3 rule and tried to frost sheath at the big slam after we were all in frozen status (not me, cause I ice prison-ed myself away from this stupidity). wiped because not enough dps. Not enough dps from a 640 AP fm, a 500+ AP fm (friend, probably higher because I didn't care much about the friend) and 440 AP fm (me!). Everyone else was already dead. And the kicker, him and his friend are both fms and one of them had auto deto on. :l tldr: I don't mind when people suck but if you're going to tell me that you're going to do a role (that I could have done) and then sucked at it, please just don't. Edit: Also, I wanted to make a thread about the whole noob, low AP > high AP, “noob” concept. It’s probably because low levels are actually high levels rolling alts. I mean, I did a bunch of yetis with lvl 50 Hm1-4 soul fighters (probably alts) and myself. and it was all fine. 0 deaths, perfect dps. So you can’t technically hate high AP when high AP people are the ones on alts who know everything.

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