Blade And Soul Suggestions

I’ve noticed a few issues concerning the game and forums and here are a few suggestions: (I’m posting here because I haven’t seen a sections for suggestions.)

1. Before a person is able to post for the first time on the forums they must first receive permission from the forum moderators. The person must first create a forum account, then must send a request to post on them forums to the Moderators, one they are approved to post they may post up to five times a day until the reach 50 posts at which time they will then be allowed to post as much as they want. If during the 50 post probation period they violate the policies for posting 3 times they they will be temporarily banned from posting for one week.

2. On each post there should be a report button so topics and posts can be flagged and a report sent to the moderators for review.

1. There should be a return mail button in the mail system that will allow players to return unwanted mail and one to block certain players from sending you mail.

2. There should be a switch in options that will allow players to turn on and off friends requests. If on, a player can receive friends requests, if off, then nobody can send them a friends request.

3. Create a authentication system for players, if 10 different players report someone for botting, then the system will lock the botters activities until they enter a captcha code, if the code isn’t entered within 3 minutes, then the suspected botter is kicked from the game for at least one hour. Sorta like the code people just enter to start playing the game except each code being different.

4. limit the number of times a player may run the same elite dungeon within a given hour.

5. Due to the number of botters that join partied for dungeon runs. Allow the party leader to boot the suspected player if half the party votes yes to booting them. (Examples: 1. In a party of five or six, 3 of the party members must vote yes. 2. In a party of three or four, 2 of the party members must vote yes.) (Note: party leader counts as one vote for yes).

These are just a few suggestions.

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