Blade And Soul Suggenstions

Note sure what suggestions have been mentioned already or not but here are some:
1. When you block (or spammer block) a player, have it block all chars on that account and have it so they can not message OR send you friend requests. I’ve noticed a few time i would hear the sound that i got a whisper and it would be from a spammer that i “spammer blocked” but it didn’t completely block them. I’ve also been getting spammed with friend request from spammers I have blocked and have been told there’s nothing that can be done to stop it.

2. Make an account storage for players so we can switch items between alts. I mean…it get’s annoying just salving or npcing items (since most are not tradeable) I don’t need on 1 toon but could use on another.

3. Lower the rate of getting soul shard packs from the different wheels and maybe but something useful in or increase the chance of weapon boxes (Unless I just have REALLY bad luck and get 80-90% soul shard packs)

4. Make gathering/crafting more worth while. It’s something i tend to enjoy in games but it seems mostly useless and not worthwhile in B&S.

5. Add more monsters to areas like the Scorching Sands. It might just be me but with how spread out everything is it doesnt seem like there’s much and makes it a bit boring imo.

I’m sure there’s some other stuff, I just can’t remember it atm.

1. Only drawback i see is when you accidentally blocked somebody and didnt realise. That person would never be able to contact you again.

2. Often suggested. I also like the idea. It would spare the effort of mailing 7 twinks per day too.. would be even better to have one row of inventory separately that can be used by all chars at the same time tho. For crafting and stuff. I hate to send mails back and forth – i feel like a spamm bot for my own chars 😛

3. You are really unlucky. The soulshield packs are common, yes. But not 90%. I’d say 60-75 might come closer, and that’s actually fine with me.

4. First and only game so far where i actually enjoy crafting since it’s the first and only game so far where it is actually worthwhile lol. I’d agree tho that the crafting system needs to be changed. While i like the idea of making a craft request and waiting it out, i dislike that basically all professions with the exception of a veeeeerry few ones are complete garbage.

5. Areas where you cant properly aoe more than 1 or 2 mobs at a time are annoying – but that wont change. It would also not feel right to look at a desert and see a pool of monsters^^ For this specific spot tho, you can skip the whole desert. Just grind jackals dig instead. It’s insanely good exp/hour. With exp food you can do nearly 5 levels per hour there.. for one hour since after 31 the exp from the mobs there is cut in half. The fastest leveling path generally is a mix of questing and grinding in order to skip the annoying locations. Quests where you run longer than you kill stuff arent worth it.

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