Blade And Soul Skilled Sum VS Skilled FM’s / BD’s

Hello friends, i made it in the top 5 at the end of last season but i really need advice. I really dont know what to do in these matchup’s. its only those two i have a 99% loserate against unless they completely suck
FM: I backstep and its pretty much GG (used petal / x resistance inside the petal storm so they cant grab me out of it they just go into ice and wait till petal is gone :D) it all doesnt matter cuz the moment i backstep i get refreezed .. use my seedshroud – they wait it out and just burn the hell out of me = GG
Grab them and they use their TAB and by the time im trying to run away to get my grab back up since fighting FMs without CCs is completely stupid cause you just get frozen over and over.

This matchup is like impossible to win even against halways smart FM’s

My FM build:

My FM build

BD: Uncounscious <<<<<
Basically the blade dancer baits out your roll so when he phantom grips you, you cannot just roll out of it. He also specs into his kick and just stuns you and kicks you unconscious. I don’t understand how to counter that. Okay so I save my roll instead, now I’m down to 60% health and he’s getting ready to lightning draw me. What now? His cooldowns are all back up and he can continue it again. Basically what happens is, while you’re sleeping he kills your cat which makes it a 0.5 vs 1



i really need advice from pro sums .. cuz those two match ups are holding me back from ranking higher..

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