Blade And Soul Player Need to Know

In response to the Blade and Soul in-game character profile picture feature no longer working. I don’t know why any of you are surprised. The game has been out for some time now and a feature that was designed and implemented at launch no completely no longer works. The official response from NCSOFT is the feature is close to completion and is going through final stages of development? Typical NCSOFT response to another epic fail in their latest money grab attempt, excuse me I mean MMO.
Now onto the game itself. The game is an utter disaster, plagued by bot’s, RMT spam, and much more. PvE players are forced to do PvP if they ever have any hopes of upgrading. The crafting system is in real time and the cost many many times outweighs the benefit. It’s no wonder the player base is down already as many are jumping ship other games and mmo’s that are not designed by NCSOFT which seem to be promising a more substantial product in terms of overall development, service, and community relations.

As for the company, NCSOFT (especially the western division) has been an absolute nightmare since the fallout of 2012. They create games that look aesthetically pleasing in order to initiate a mad money grab. Take Wildstar for instance, the game was supposed to be the next revolution of the NCSOFT’s product line. After poor management and lack of support the game ultimately flopped in less than a year’s time. It went F2P shortly after in an attempt to perform a money grab to get what they can out of the product before it’s finished for good. Another example of NCSOFT’s poor management was their decision in 2012 to shut down their massively successful game City of Heroes. The game had a large player base and an actual community. The developers actually cared about the player’s needs, customer support wasn’t an issue, and many many times you would be fighting alongside a GM, as they participated with the community they had created. At the time of the decision to shut down the game it was still making some pretty hefty profit which they decided needed to be funneled into another game GW2. GW2 was successful for awhile but now where is it at? The player base is down, the game itself isn’t turning as much profit that they were hoping for. All the while they could have just kept the City of Heroes servers online and kept generating more profitable content for an already large and existing community who to this day still are still loyal to the developers and GM’s of City of Heroes. Oh by the way did I mention NCSOFT fired them too? No? Yup they did it, they were either fired, laid off with not estimated return date, or forced to resign.

So with all that I have said above I leave it to you to make your decision if NCSOFT products are right for you, and while NCSOFT may ban me for this post I feel it is YOUR right to know, after all it is YOUR money.

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