[Blade and Soul] Naksun (Blademaster 398 AP, 52% crit, 169% crit dmg)

You know during the icicle phase, if you just block after the pull/knockback you can proc cyclone in time to dodge any icicles then just go back to blocking his five point.

blade master is a class can solo every thing? i play with summoner are sooo easy..i love this dps and heals but i dont like them for main! i am a pve guy at the most or the time but i very skill in arena and i want to play too! what class y bielive is the best for main! i heard hm skills in end-game in summoner class are not so good but in bm are top! its true? i want to play one class with high dps and solo easy the mushin tower but i want to be a king in arena at end-game. help me! i like most of the classes so dont tell me to play something i like!

BM has a very high skill ceiling and a steep learning curve. It takes a LOT of practice to be good at it. If you are willing to put the effort in it, then it is great as a main. BM’s essential hm skills are 4, 1 and Z (not yet available), each progressively raising the skill cap for pve and pvp.

you belive is better idea make o blade master or lynblade master (dancer) ? who can survive better in solo pve and who can have better future in arena ? i like them too…but i cant choose!

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