Blade and Soul NA Impressions

So in short you don’t like PvE because it lacks the western Tank/Healer classes? That’s stupid and narrow minded of you. The game is based on how well you play a class, timing and skill point distribution. Unlike the western games where you beg people to be a tank to soak damage or healer to push a button and get blamed or flamed, this game lets you be yourself. You won’t see a class like Warlock, Force Master, Assassin or Summoner tank so for that you need a Blade Master, Kung-fu Master or Destroyer. So despite what you might say this game has an intelligent design with ocassional hick-ups, but its a breath of fresh air from everything that poisoned the MMO market all these years.

I thought it was hilarious, myself. Such an extreme exaggeration, but very true. Personally, except for Age of Conan, I try to stay away from the games with all the tits and asses and skimpy, non-realistic armors. I find them immature. And as far as AoC goes, it is Conan and anyone who has read even ONE book, knows that is just the world the game is set in. And it is not just female characters running around with bare chests and almost no other clothing on either. I saw probably as many bare chested, scantily clad male player characters (and n\NPC’s) in that game as females,w hich I actually found to be refreshing in comparison.

You are litterally the cancer of the internet. I hate people like you. All you do is comment stupid shit on videos, waiting to pick a fight with people. Too afraid to do anything in real life. Someone really needs to beat the shit out of you. Calling someone and illiterate fuck, for starting a discussion. I fucking pity you. Hope you will make some serious changes in your life. Rant over. Have a nice life.

Actually I prefer games that reject “holy trinity” in favor of controlled chaos mechanic. This is not that makes game bad, but it is just approach to a combat. Some might argue “but then there is no role for me in dungeon” which is bluntly stupid claim – if group of friends actually play together they can pick whatever class they want, classes that they feel more comfortable and feel free from restrictions of “holy trinity”. Best runs in dungeons I had in GW2 where I was Ele there with 4 other Eles and everyone were claiming “it will be a deathfest” actually turned into best dungeon runs I had.

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