Blade and Soul – Meandaenie – NA – Forcemaster 1v1 Arena PVP

It’s a habit I have from other MMOs I’ve played, Forcemasters are extremely squishy and there’s a lot of skill shots.. Not sure if it entirely helps but if I can help avoid attacks by jumping might as well. By no means am I an expert in PVP, this was my first time checking out Arena.

Dang the last time I saw her she was on twitch like about 2 years ago. Dang she looks so different. I think she left twitch because it was getting to competitive or something. She good at games as always.

The official game guide says Force Masters are at a disadvantage in PVP, which is a straight-up lie. If you’re using a frost build, you can stun or perma-freeze your opponent, deflect all ranged attacks, and fully recover all of your HP over the course of a fight, and you don’t need much skill to do it. There’s a reason all the highest-ranked players are Force Masters.

I’m glad they made a magic class with mobility. It’s annoying as hell to try and do damage when you have to hold still while casting. And the only people sitting here complaining about spamming the same crap are the ones who only play melee. Play a damn caster for more than a few days and you’ll understand what we’re talking about.

I like how a woman can play this game your very good at studying your opponents movements and studding their strategy and then unraveling it and shattering their hope of winning good job.

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