Blade and Soul Kung Fu Master Skill Animations

Compilation of (almost) all KFM skill animations, from different angles. Ever looked through and wondered how a certain skill actually looks like? Maybe you don’t play KFM but want to understand them better to counter them in PvP or sync your playstyle with theirs in PvE, but you don’t understand how each skill looks like just by looking at the skill tree on that site.

Damn it! If only I found this before I chose my class. I was torn between Soul Fighter and Kung Fu purely because of the animations. I even looked for an Animation video but Youtube; you asshole, you never showed me this. Could’ve saved me hours when i chose SF only to leave it at Level 22 and continue the high ping struggle of the Lag Fu Master.

When you use it you get a buff for each stage. Even though the cooldown starts after first use, you can use it again before this buff expires, to go on next stage (and does more hits per stage). There’s 4 stages, and if you don’t use it in time before a stage’s buff runs out, you will lose it until it’s back from cooldown.

But oh! I won my first PvP match the other day. Melee vs Melee has really opened my eyes to how fun pvp can be. But then i see Force Masters and the half the battle is “you cannot do that right now” and the other half is frozen solid and unable to move the mouse…

1st of all thank you very much for everything u’ve done so far for all of us. Really appreciate it and i hope u keep on! Sorry for dumb question but im trying to figure out how to play KFM. Here is the question and options do i have to stun my opponent ?

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