Blade and Soul KFM 6v6 Whirlwind Valley

Hey shiro I finally got hm counter yesterday. and while normally that wouldn’t make me comment on a video, I have to give you credit because yesterday I finally saw the light with wind build While fighting the terrors in misty woods. SOO much fun, and faster than fire build, since the animations are ALL cancellable, so you can actually defend yourself instead of just getting creamed by terrors. Credit where credit is due. Also, out of curiosity, which counter do you use in pve vs mobs like the terrors, and where did you get your HM 2 from? Like how did you farm it?

If youre just referring to the cc’s, if you daze as opposed to stun, the other person can retreat out of it if they have it up. Stun will lock a person in place regardless and can typically only be broken by tabs, fm or summoner ss, and destroyer fury/persistence.

Daze one is useless except against spinners. Daze is worse than stun, and it doesn’t ignore defense / deflect. Only usage is that it goes through spin (if you don’t get deflected of course), because it applies daze after pull and pull stops their spin.

Personally I have stop to play my kfm even though I love this class but my pc, my connection and my ping doesn’t allow me to be efficient to my great regret.

Make sure you put three points in 2 (swift strike) and three points in F (cyclone kick). Depending if you go wind or fire you put 3 points left side of swift strike and 3 points middle / left side on cyclone kick. If you go fire, 3 points in right side to make swift into Tiger Strike, and 3 points right side on cyclone to get searing blow.

nice vid, but im kinda tilted that you’ve only showed 1st match where you rekt us and third match where we played together, forgeting about 2nd match where things didn’t go your way still keep on making content and maybe add some commentary.

is destroyer fun, because all my friends say that they either spam the tab (Spin) or they just ani-cancel. I like KFM but it took me more than a month and i still cant master all of the combos. (Does destroyer need that much practice too).

I despise 1v1 now I barely even go as it’s not even fun at all. Yes Fire BMs are number 1 cancer followed by sins and then sf to a lesser extent. It’s just not fun to play kfm in 1v1 with those 3 stupid classes existing (and not like kfm has a “free win” against any other class either), and I lost hope or motivation in these stupid developers to ever fix it since every patch they make it worse, clearly hate kfm for some reason.

That’s a shame. It’s kinda true, though, the damage from fire build is insane atm, and killing sins as kfm is pretty hard. To be honest, I was kinda hoping I’d face you in the arena at least one time (and probably get roflstomped), but oh well. Thanks for replying.

I can’t help it but when i see comments under this video i just laugh my ass here. Well here is a nice example how to fabricate an video so that it only shows good matches and i say it because i once met shiro on 6bs6 and she/he wasnt so good nor we won that nor he/she could carry it. I wont accuse here the fact that it was at time where the ranking exploit was still available because i dont remember if he/she left on that battle but i know he just make his face looking good but truth is he/she isnt.

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