Blade and soul Japan – Warlock PVP

Your a goner if your OP skill is on cooldown. thats how it usually goes in arena/pvp. but you know your game over when you see those two dragon summon and you’re at half health. you can escape by quickly exiting the game and uninstall it especially if you’re a weak defense character.

i dont get why people call you noob for using potions. arent the people who dont have potions the real noobs? if its a balanced arena people should be using all they can get. not like its a duel.

that’s fair..but if ur opponent does u don’t have any right to complain…Arena is arena… you go for the WIN .. .it’s not a friendly duel with ur best friend… it’s competitive with raiting… although i do agree they should REMOVE them from arena…but as long as they exist i will use them ..absolutly.

I use pots and removal talismans in pvp and I can say they increased my winratio vs LynSMs and summoners maybe a lil. It doesn’t make anyone noobish, it actually shows that you can take stuff to your advantage.

what a bad warlock, this guy cant play the class he just like spamming the skill without knowing nothing and when his hp almost gone he had to use his pot before he lose.

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