Blade and Soul has a lot of potential to compete and stay thriving

So many small things completely wrong! The shady business practices put upon this game is slowly killing it for me. The fact that outfits are EXPENSIVE and cannot be used between your OWN characters just shows how out of touch NCSOFT is!

The fact that paid items are treated and regarded as any old plain items does not encourage me to continue to buying items. It’s very discouraging that players have to decide whether they keep there characters forever, delete the character (and the money spent on it), or just spend more money on slots. You’re doing everything to push me away from this game.

I’m apart of the small percentage of players that purchases items in F2P. I believe i already spent over 80 bucks, but i stopped buying after reaching lv 38 and realzing how unfair and greedy this system is. I challenge an NCSOFT employee to look at my purchase history, and see the gap between my lvs and purchases.

I spent more money in beta because the game just seemed so awesome, but now after playing through everything… i’m starting to get turned off. I’m going to wait a few months before i leave blade and soul for good, if these people don’t learn or read complaints about their own game then i don’t feel valued as a costumer. It would be a shame to lose a significant portion of your paying customers because of how unfair and expensive the hongmoon store is. I cut things really short, but these are my main concerns.

Blade and Soul has a lot of potential to compete and stay thriving in the west if they revise their business practices. But for right now.. I’m just playing because i want to feel like i did not waste my money on a game that is outright making a disgusting name for microtransactions. It’s 2016, NCSOFT is not new in the mmo market, and they don’t know how to do microtransactions correctly?

How the devs handle things during the coming months will determine if this game is honestly worth my time, effort, and money. Really sad how i feel like we are going to be ignored. And if we are ignored then i’m just done with NCSOFT and i’ll be done with BnS too (especially after buying premium price wildstar). And if Black Desert is just as fun as BnS in combat and less greedy in their practices you can bet 100% i’m out of this mess in a heartbeat. I’ll spend my money where it is appreciated! When players buy items it like getting spit in the face and then you feel guilty for buying it.

This is a community effort thats why. Do you think they are gonna change everything because i sent them this? I already know how they are going to respond especially reading others peoples tickets and their responses regarding their practices… Other people posted their dislikes so what makes mine different? I’m trying to make this issue a public one because it’s about money. Having a one on one chat with a business will not doing anything for you. As a matter of fact players get more reaction from public posts.

Well when it is sent via ticket from everyone who have same or similar gripes it’s easier to sort/see rather than it being on the forum to be buried where there isn’t 100% chance they’ll reply versus them HAVING to reply to you and you have proof past a thread that may or may not be deleted/merged. It’s just a suggestion and how I feel, but this is just a temp game for me I’m trying to move away from F2P and go into B2P/P2P models more so I don’t necessarily have to deal with this a lot.

Yes and i have premium too, it’s a very terrible system. At least give premium players a higher drop rate for items because a lot of my premium time has been spent on maintence and grinding on the same mob for hours to days.. just to do it all over again in a second because of how fast the leveling is. Like i said nearly every aspect appears to be based around the hongmoon store. And people who play games freely without buying microtransactions and then make rude comments to people who do really pisses me off too.

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