Blade and Soul Force Master VS all Episode 1: Summoner

The counter to keep the cat at bay (1 t5s1) isn’t available at lvl 45cap. I have a much harder time ignoring the cat than just bursting it down and then sticking tight on the summoner and prevent him from re-summoning.

this was a very bad summoner, vs good summoner you have nothing to do as force master! Force Master must play very good so you have no chance to win a game and thats not important vs wich class you play with force master. Its rly hard with FM.

Hope your are not doing that on guard crash skill which breaks and seals you flower for a period of time. FMs have a few skills that wont trigger your invis as well. so you can still be attacked with that flower up. Summies get baited if they don’t know the difference in these attacks. not to mention your spam attacks will def get you frozen with Ice obits on Fm. provided the FM stacked at less one on them selves – love these hypothetical arena matches. its like im playing the game but at work. lols. I agree summies can be difficult for fms. FMs cant make many mistakes to be successful.

FM and Summy are NOT in the same class. at all. you have no clue what you are talking about. do a quick search for PVP tier list, go ahead ill wait….While i agree summies are cake and still one of the top tier classes. most would agree that BM and FM are on the lower side of things. and warlock smh. did you do any research or play any of these classes?

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