Blade and Soul for linux when?

Hey, why not BnS for linux? if there is already for windows (which has many problems as you can read in the forums) but no for linux, many say it is difficult to schedule BnS for linux and so they do not even have to reprogram the game from scratch to run on linux and is very difficult to do, I say if they took for windows, then why leave out linux? is why it is a free operating system? or what is the real reason?.

The two operating systems have their degree of difficulty scheduling, but do not think that’s a good reason to leave linux aside because globally is widely used and qualified as the best, has less bugs compared with windows.

2 Reasons why you should draw a Linux version:

!) Microsoft stopped servicing win 7 and not far to win 8 for all users pass to win 10 (which in my opinion is the fusion of 7 and 8 with more errors than ever) also always go reporting failures as “not installed”, “the window closes in the game”, etc.

2) The AMD cards will not support their older versions which come only with win 10 onwards.

Now many will say “But they have to be updating sooner or later”, “you win 10 is free and most used windows”, “you can not use another graphics card AMD.”

Let me tell you whether to upgrade but better win 10 is proving to be the worst option for users not only with their errors, also violates the privacy of it, win 10 is free for only 1 year later have to pay for the license (and pay for something wrong, if I did not thank you) and if you plan to use win 10 with another graphics card than AMD, let me tell you that microsoft asked to win 10 works best with AMD and other non , eh you can even get to the graphics card is not compatible with Win 10.

Finally I hope that with these arguments they presented eh can take as soon as possible a version for linux without putting so many excuses.

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