Blade And Soul F8 cross server dungeon lobby

I’m starting to get issues with party matching for F8.

1. Party leader switches randomly. Well that should be expected since everyone is party leader at first, but sometimes new party leader cancels searching and changes dungeon. Would be nice to have option whether you want to join or host your own party.

2. Allow 1 person F8 dungeon. Probably not possible, but 2 ppl is further in game. My issue here is that when I decide to do dailies for lower content that I can solo, then either I need to pay few silvers for two way trip or wait for cost free party in F8. Today I needed Viridian Poison. I entered party with two lv. 18 players (me being lv.45). Needed to do it twice because before my dungeon loaded, they killed some mites and it didn’t count for me.
Ofc, there is solution to solo. Quit party in pre-dungeon room. Just that is a d*ck move and would like to avoid doing it.
And before someone says “You can windstride”, it costs and you need to search for daily NPCs, while F8 gives them in pre-dungeon room, so it’s more convinient.

3. Lobby number changes every time someone joins. Don’t know why it’s like this. Also don;t know if old number allows to join new lobby. In general if I’m looking for members and cannot find them, then I advertise my lobby… every time lobby number switches.

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