Blade And Soul CN

Every MMO player has heard about this game somewhere in 2010-2012 and hoped that NCSoft will aim for a world wide release after the original launch that took place in Korea on June 30, 2012.

Thinking that they already have a western office that can start working on localization right away, and following the news from Gamescom 2012 and the press release made on September 13, 2012 that stated: ” NCsoft ®, the world’s premier publisher and developer of massively multiplayer online games (MMOs), today confirms its Western expansion plans for Blade & Soul, the wildly successful Asian martial arts fantasy MMO developed by Team Bloodlust, an in-house studio based in NCsoft’s headquarters in Seoul”, we were already imagining ourselves playing this awesome title at the end of 2013, but we were so wrong.

On the other side of the world, publishers and developers alike, are taking risks from the early alpha stages or even from when the first development pieces are puzzled together. I can’t say why they do it, but it looks like they really like to play the odds or they can afford it, although we have some great publishers (in terms of bussiness, not that we like their p2w localizations so much) that can sit on the same table and sign a deal at the right time. When it’s the right time, you may ask. For me it’s somewhere around one – max two years after the original release. I can wait that long for a hyped MMO, but after that I will either loose my interest in it and go try something else or I go play it on the KR/CN servers.

I said CN servers because they are almost always the first to publish a game after KR and almost every single time it’s easier for us to get inside (damn those KSSNs). In Blade and Soul, Tencent saw a new opportunity and decided to close a deal somewhere at the end of the development process, and at ChinaJoy 2011 they were already promoting it. When I look at Tencent that old Duke Nukem ventrilo harassment comes to mind … “I got balls of steel”.

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