Blade and Soul – China Harmonization (Censorship) – Kun Female – Open Beta

Here are mostly the same Doboks as in the Jin video, but you will notice there are several without censored/uncensored title, that’s cause those are the same as in South Korea, no changes were made.

It doesnt,all they did was putting paint over the skin.If was to actually redesign the costume to not show the skin that would have been way better.

Watching these censored VS uncensored just makes me more confused because of a few conflicting points of interest. Yes more skin is always nice but covering up that skin with skin tight cloth or latex basically means more design work from the game designers. It is also very obvious where they censored the clothing but it does add some nice layers, in most cases it just adds more texture options or places for more intricate costuming. I like both really, sort of wish they had a toggle for “censored” or “uncensored”.

i’ve looked everywhere for that outfit in the game itself and on various outfit overviews after i saw it in the loading screens and i litteraly cannot find it, either it dosn’t exist or the NA/EU version dosn’t have it.

Am I the only one who thinks that in the lot of cases the censured version is actually sexier? I guess It’s just my fetish for glossy skin tight outfits vs just plain skin.

Using strawman is not making a good argument (none at all for that matter. It’s a logical infallacy). I get you’re a girl so you don’t like when most gamers (i.e. males) want hot chicks in their games because it’s only human to want attractive characters, but reel in that bias because it’s doing you no favors.

And you’re right. It’s an MMO. It is targeted at gamers (mostly weeaboos). But it’s funny how much you’re projecting your own false idea that most people don’t want sexualized, fake (and I can’t stress that enough) characters, whether they’re male or female.

To me, the only time the uncensored versions look good and not just super slutty instead of sexy and an excuse to show the most skin possible without doing it in a more careful way is on the Kun girls. (cause outfits are slightly different for each race) but the censored ones look good too. I’m hoping, if they ever release a freakin NA version, they will give an option to switch between the censored and uncensored version.

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