Blade And Soul Censorship – Censored Gaming Ft. Avalanche Reviews

Localization might as well be censoring at this point. When I think of a game getting localized anywhere, I expect it just to have it’s dialogue/language changed. But now stuff like cut content, altered clothing, different personalities, etc are all common when a game gets localized and it’s retarded how the companies and people defending censorship think it’s ok.

So for that last scene, they basically changed the whole meaning. In the original version, the guy feels guilty enough to kill himself; as where in the altered version he just gets attacked by monsters, so we don’t really know how he feels about things.

Wow. The last one. That censorship changes the entire scene. In the first one the defining moment was the death of their parent. In the second one it showed the child becoming an adult in an instant in choosing to take his own life. That’s insanely different.

Don’t be fooled Trickster Box, remember, when someone goes overboard on something to the extent it starts to seem beyond what’s needed to achieve their perceived goal; usually it’s an attempt to deceive you into thinking they REALLY believe what they are pushing. When in fact the overkill is because they feel just the opposite and are unable to make it look natural that they believe the lie they’re trying to sell.

I’ve said it all before, I’ll save some of it and say great voice overs/research on these. I must say though the worst is when the teams lie. It is just like our parents(or at least my parents) always told us, don’t lie, it only makes things worse. So when they say it won’t be censored and it is censored, they’ve lost that customer forever. They’ll never regain their trust, no one likes a liar. As for the stuff censored, I guess original integrity means nothing these days. Not only does it mean nothing, we’ll happily lie about it, to try and save face, but actually end up losing even more. Was a shame too, I quite liked the game’s art-style, but that all goes to the wayside when I see any form of censorship(especially the idiotic puritan kind).

This is why I find BnS even more distasteful than TERA censorship-wise. several key parts of TERA’s plot and lore were censored, and an entire race was heavily censored. The amount of censorship BnS NA got makes TERA NA/EU look DPRK-tier, but TERA didn’t lie to us by promising us an uncensored game before betraying that promise. NCSoft not only betrayed their promise, they proceed to piss on our heads and tell us it’s raining with “oh you wanted the original underwears completely gone from the game, you asked for it!”

Killing Exteel prematurely was one thing, but now you’re on my shitlist, NCSoft. I hope you go out of business, which considering the extremist climate in SK, is likely to happen real soon.

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