Blade and Soul – Bloodshade Harbor 6-man guide

You don’t need to kill his shadow, have someone to tank and kite him around because the shadow will despawn when the real one reaches 50% HP. It’s better to do the 500K HP damage on the boss rather than spending on the shadow.

I have a dumb question about premium, if I buy it, will the benefits and Ncoins only appear on the character I bought premium on? Or is it bound to my entire account? There is a special costume for 1 year of premium purchase, but If I buy the year of premium on my assassin, will my kung fu master not receive it?

Premium is bound to your account. I believe the costume you get from the 1 year premium is for 1 character only, just like every other costume in the game.

first boss, you don’t need to have the said belt. because in this video you didn’t show this part, I’m not sure if you know this: you can wash off the poison by standing on the sewers, which will also give you a buff that doubles your ap at the same time for a short period of time, also immute to howl attack. just wash it even if you have the belt.

second boss, usually when you get aggro of automaton you will hear the alert sound, you need to form a line between you, automaton and the boss. usually when you are a ranged you are likely to get aggro.

third boss, they will switch skills when their hp are at 70% and 30%.
watch their hp closely, ideally, you would like to bring them both into 70% and 30%.
say, if you bring one into 70% and the other one is not, and the first one’s hp(70%) is more than 10000 to the second one(not 70%), they will use Flurry, which attack all party members and waken them. US version had nerf’d this boss attack, but in 4 man, you’re likely to die when this happen.

final boss, you should never kill shadow as it’s a totally waste of man power lol. just have a guy tank it and others bring main’s hp to 50% and the shadow will leave.

thanks for the guide, i didnt know about the eggs in bsh among many other things.. subbed for future content, as i am sure you will make alot more usefull videos.

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