[Blade and soul] Blade master 120-0 Combo

I didn’t think this video would get so many views. It was only meant to show a few friends or some new players like myself.

I’m very new to the game and haven’t played KR version or even Alpha/Beta NA.

Also I haven’t looked at any combo videos and just recently discovered after this video Hanjunho, He is amazing.

What’s common knowledge to you isn’t for most new players.

You can take what you want from this ‘combo”, break it up into smaller combos and don’t burn all your stuns in match.

To clarify on a few things:

-This combo can be done without Sundering Sword/3 do you can keep your sweep.

-This combo is very restrictive on timing. Roll has a 12 second cool down while Tab has a 36 second cool down. This full combo can be done in under 10 seconds but it’s complete overkill. It can be shorten and just launch them in the air early and you can still 100-0.

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