[Blade and soul] Blade master 120-0 Combo

Great combo. i feel like this would be hard to pull off against summoners and assassins, but this is very well executed. Although thinking about it, there is enough aoe cc here that if you manage to catch both the summoner and the cat it could mostly work. Would have to switch something else in where the 5 point strike is though. maybe move up the Blade call C and switch the five point strike to the knock up version and do a Rmb-Rmb air to finish the overall combo.

don’t use this combo as a one and only way. Remember figured out this combo with only like 5 days of game play. Switch it up and do what you think is right vs other classes. Doesn’t answer your question but just experiment and figure out what you like. Also you don’t need sunder(3 skill) to do this conbo. You can keep sweep and maybe use the points elsewhere.

I operate a guild called AES and there are a small handful including myself from toronto. if you’re interested. you could join us! shoot me a message and ill give u the info to get ahold of us.

I uninstalled the game back in February due to personal stuff. It’s just taking up too much time and I was so addicted LOL. I’m thinking of making a comeback now that they’re increasing the level to 50 and et but I’m still debating.

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