Blade and Soul 2017 Gameplay and Wings of the Raven Impressions Part 5

This is a series I’m doing to showcase the gameplay and features of Blade and Soul. It’s also a chance for the community to leave some tips and advice for new players coming to these videos to get some help in understanding what makes the game good, and how to get the best experience from it. If you have some comments like that, then please share them!

I don’t know why the 64-bit client doesn’t work for you, I’ve been playing with it since they released it and it’s amazing, my game hasn’t crashed even once and my performance increased a bit.

An other thing about the event, you should really buy that Amethyst as soon as you can, gems like that are very rare and hard to get in this game. They are mostly only from events like this or RNG boxes/Trove event. The outfit you don’t even have to buy if you get lucky because it can be in the box reward that the daily valentines quest gives you, i got mine that way on the very first day when i did the daily.

Also the reason you can’t see the quest on your map is cause you have clicked the “don’t show low level quests” option in your settings. When you press M you can also tick all the things you want to track/show on your map on the left side of the Map UI.

It’s curious to me how many people have reported this kind of issues with the 64 bit client. I’ve been using it all this past days and has been working for me amazingly. Also with the hot fix they did they solved some bugs the game presented with the patch.

I just started a new character, and I got my original training weapon, and we dont upgrade them anymore? just replace with new ones? I am confused mostly because I got a quest asking me to upgrade my purple weapon…. I have replaced my training weapon of course with ones I have gotten from playing, am I doing this right?? ……….also what about the jewelry? same thing? just replace, no upgrades? Thanks for any and all help….

I have it running in 64 Bit and it runs smooth. So I am not an expert dont know why you cant run in 64 bit., but the only thing I suggest is check your Virtual memory I had a big problem with that playing ARMA 3 researched and found out my Virtual memory was not the same. You can look for instructions on line on step by step on how to do this or check it. I got two of those costumes in the Valentine box one for my Destroyer and the other for my Warlock both males but I can send it to my other character’s which are female not bad got both in one day I mostly saving for the Gem.

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